A Rose is a Rose is a Rose…

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose…

A Rose is a Rose….
Different effects, for the sake of the colors and to set my imagination in motion.

The meaning of the phrase “A rose is a rose is a rose”
“When all is said and done, one thing is what it is.”

A rose is a rose and nothing but a rose.

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12 responses to “A Rose is a Rose is a Rose…”

  1. mic Avatar


    1. Anita Avatar


  2. wetanddustyroads Avatar

    🤗 … super beautiful! It’s confirmed – a rose is indeed one of the most beautiful flowers out there!

    1. Anita Avatar


  3. Lopadistory Avatar


  4. Kristallina Avatar

    För länge sedan har jag också lekt med effekter. Väldigt kul och lika snyggt!

    1. Anita Avatar

      Tack Kristallina.

  5. Cee Neuner Avatar

    It’s a gorgeous rose. I see you played around with it too. 😀

    1. Anita Avatar

      Yes, for fun. Thanks for your comment Cee!

  6. bpz3 Avatar

    A rose is a rose, is a rose… And there is always an Anita-rose;-)

    1. Anita Avatar


  7. claesbilder Avatar

    Fantastisk blomma och snygga effekter 🙂

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