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  1. Anita, I’d like to publish some more guest posts in my Where and What is Beauty series which you’d be familiar with from 2017. With your passion for photography and colour I’d be very keen for you to contribute a guest post – it’d be the first for 2018! Would you be willing? Here’s the link to the introduction and posts done to date: https://exploringcolour.wordpress.com/series/

  2. OH MY GOOOSSSHHHHH!!! That is absolutely phenomenal. Seriously. I can see it HUGE on a wall. Pure joy. Our lilies are just starting to get buds. I adore them. And the sky where You are is sooo blue. It reminds me of the California sky. It’s very humid here and there is a wonderful layer to the air….it’s sensual….all the Spanish moss and that kindof gray/blue sky….its own tint and I love it, to be sure!!! But Your sky is that crispiest of crispest blues that looks otherworldly. I gasped when I opened this! Yay!!! Thanks for the blast of joy!!!! 🤗💖🌸🐬😃 Huge hugs and Cheers!

  3. OH! I meant to say as well, and You probably already know this….but just in case You don’t….did You know You can eat lilies?!! (the flower….I have no idea about the rest of the plant!) I’m not sure if it’s every kind…but they are very delicious and nutritious. I often pick ours right as they are starting to wilt and put them on my salad. 🙂

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