Majjistral Park Plateau

I’ve shown some pictures from Majjistral Park but not so many from the plateau that is high above sea level. From here the views are amazing but it’s real steep at the edge of the high cliffs. Do not walk too close!Most of the plants up here are small, you can see the ant. These grow individually……whilst these blooms together and forms like small meadows on the plateau.A symbol of the Navy.A very special flower that I’ve never seen before. To me they look like soft corals.

Finally, Fanny on the run, full of energy 💖 …until we are back home. More to come…
Meanwhile, wish you all a great Sunday 💖

35 thoughts on “Majjistral Park Plateau

  1. Tänk att Fanny som har blivit riktigt stor har fått er att utforska områden som ni inte besökt förut. Jättekul! Floran är ju helt fantastisk, vilket dina bilder också är. Nothing new;-) Dina mjuka koraller är underbara. De ser ut som mjuka diskborstar till glas tycker jag.


  2. These are lovely, Anita!!! The blues in the first picture are just outrageous. And the blue flower looks much like one we have here! Not the same, but they could be first cousins. 😄 The beautiful, sweet purple flower looks a lot like our mimosa flowers. That hike is amazing. Loved the pic of tuckered out Fanny snoozing it off! Thanks for the smiles and Cheers!!! 🤗💖☀️🌿

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