Creating an illusion with simple means has been used by artists for a long time and the varieties are many. Here the artist has used plant parts for his composition. The flowers become a woman’s face and the leaves form the impression of a bird. These motifs are found in many variants. Here I’ve photographed two paintings and edited them to get a white background. Wish you all an enjoyable weekend! Love from Malta 💕 🐕The original artist of the woman face is Octavio Ocampo and the painting is called “Mouth Of Flower”.
  The original artist of the bird is Oleg Shuplyak, an amazing surreal optical illusion painter.

29 thoughts on “Simplicity

  1. Jättefina och minst sagt annorlunda tavlor. Trodde först att din man var konstnären, men då du skriver “the artist” är det nog inte han. Leonardo da Vinci var en klok man måste jag säga, för ofta är “less is more” en bra grundregel, inte bara i konsten.
    Önskar dig också en toppen helg!

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    1. Tack för din kommentar Steve. Visst är det fantastiskt. Titta gärna på länkarna som jag lagt in i efterhand. Imponerande konstnärer!


    1. I totally agree but I have no idea who the original artist is, really wish I knew. But as I wrote, those paintings are found in many different versions and these two are my husbands.
      Thank you for your comment and visit.


    2. ..I found the artist of the woman face. Octavio Ocampo and the painting is called “Mouth Of Flower”. I’ll include the name in my post and also search for the other artist.

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    1. Har lagt in länkar till konstnärerna som skapat originalen. Kika gärna, kan inte bli annat än imponerad över människans förmåga.


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