Friday Photo Fun – Splash

A Splash of Color from Malta’s typical fishing boats…

A Floral Color Splash…A Splash of Joy…

Click this link and find more Splash on Kate’s Friday Photo Fun.

The realistic lifesized painted-bronze work by J. Seward Johnson Jr. depicts a man about 30 years old carrying a boy, about 4-years old on his shoulders. The boy has taken the man’s hat and is about to put it on himself as the man’s left arm reaches for the hat and his right hand grips the boy by the right ankle. Behind the work is a mural of a carousel, leaving the impression that the pair are at a fair or carnival.
Santa Barbara, California, United States.

36 replies to “Friday Photo Fun – Splash

  1. Kul med alla dessa färger, nu när vi endast har olika nyanser av vitt här i Kårböle idag. Ska bli spännande, och se om det bara är en vit nyans imorgon, om klass 1 varningen för kraftigt snöfall infrias.

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      1. Yea, I’ve been away for a “while”. Just couldn’t catch up with all the daily duties, so I decided to put blogging away for a time. Now I’m back but not posting as actively as before (just once a week about my journey to Montenegro). I need my time for book reading, writing a diary, jogging, etc 🙂

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  2. Den färgkicken var väl tajmad. Dis och dimma här. Bilderna på båtarna är helt underbara, och de får faktiskt bli mina favon här. Splashen känns liksom extra stark om du förstår vad jag menar:-)

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