19 replies to “Flower of the day

  1. Top photo is very eye-catching Anita.. nice shot! Just thought I’d say “Hi!” and I hope you are well. We’re heading into winter and have had a lot of wet, cold weather. Not so nice and I can’t wait for the next few months to go so that we can enjoy spring again !!

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    1. Hi Liz and thanks a lot for asking. I’m fine and hope you are well too. I know how it feels when the winter comes and you longing for it to end before it even really arrived. Here, finally, the long winter is over and it is getting really hot here on the island. Wish you a great day ahead from my little corner of the world!! 🌼🌼

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    1. Thank you so much Ranjit. I’ve been waiting for your moon and looked at your pictures from my phone this morning. But I will take a closer look from my computer and my big screen later this afternoon. Looks great and impressive, so far 😁


  2. Häftig växt med de enormt långa lila ståndarna, kapris tror jag att det är. Underbara bilder, blir sugen på att skaffa en sån och testa om den trivs.

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    1. Du är ju helt fantastisk, visst är det en kaprisblomma! Visste inte alls vad det var men när jag letade på namnet så kom det upp solklara bildbevis. Väldigt intressant!

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