Macro – Happiness in Empty Shells

During my walks in Ta Qali now in September I rarely see any butterflies while the shimmering dragonflies choose to fly high above my head. So I search for other creatures in nature, some barely visible to the eye.
And I found these empty shells.When I first saw them, my camera was at home, but when I came back the next day, they were still there. Luckily, given that they could easily have been blown away by the wind. I’m happy I had the opportunity to take some photos, although I have no idea what kind of insects once pupated from these very thin small shells.

30 replies to “Macro – Happiness in Empty Shells

    1. Förmodligen en Cikada eftersom flera nämnt den och det var också vad min käre make förslog när han såg mina bilder. Dessutom är det nästan öronbedövande ljudet från dem vanligt i området.
      Kram från Malta😊


  1. Tur att jag inte är alldeles för (fin-)känslig. Bilderna är som alltid hos dig helt superbra. Men de här var aningen äckliga måste jag säga. I första makron ser jag allt från en kräfta med klor till en geting. Bara fantasin sätter gränder här.
    Kul att du fick svar på att det kan vara cikador.


  2. It is almost Summer here in Australia so there will be Cicada shells everywhere. Here at my place the sound of Cicadas can be deafening during the day. I found one last week while walking on my place. It’s a bit early for them so I would guess a bird had a good snack. My girls used to use them a brooches and stick them on their clothes as the legs have sharp bits to hang on to trees when they are out of their shells.
    Great photos too Anita 🙂


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