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  • A Photo a Week Challenge – Blue

    This is my first entry for Nancy Merrill’s photo challenge, where the theme for the week is Blue. Where the first picture of the boy in blue jeans was taken, I will show in a later post.Blue color in two different pools, or maybe the same pool but from different angles in different light. Old…

  • A Sense of Blue

    “If you’re feeling blue, try painting yourself a different color” –Hanna Cheatem- “Every drop in the ocean counts” -Yoko Ono-“The worst kind of sad is not being able to explain why“ “Color is to the eye what music is to the ear”

  • WPC – Temporary

    Ain’t everything temporary? Like the flames of a fire…  … or reflections in the Sea. Like moments of joy and fellowship. Nothing lasts forever. It’s about catching the golden grains in our daily lives. To see, to feel and enjoy… WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge / Temporary, by Ben Huberman Temporary

  • In the Blue

    Today… my pictures…Today, my pictures speak for themselves.This little sweetie grows fast. Fanny is now nine weeks old and I really hope she will fit into the cage during the flight between Sweden-Malta when she’s fifteen weeks! Of course she will.

  • Light and water

    Water and Light can transform the ordinary into something beautiful but are also sensitive to changes.The blue water as well as the light in the Mediterranean Sea are constantly changing. Even the stone and the ladder, but the sea, will in the long run, remain the same. Weekly Mindful Photography Challenge Det är min tolkning…

  • Eget tema 31: Jolle (340/366)

  • Livets balansgång

    En tunn lina visar var gränsen mellan båtar och badare går i medelhavets 28 grader varma vatten. Det är den första september 2015… Idag är det precis femton år sen vi ankom med bilen till Malta. Från Stockholm genom Tyskland, Schweiz, Italien med Sicilien där vi tog färjan över havet och flyttade till vår lilla…


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