Cyprus December Butterflies

As I wrote in my last post, there are plenty of butterflies and wild flowers to be found in nature now here in Paphos, even though we are almost in the middle of December. I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

The Painted Lady is the most common, but there are more to be found…

I tried to figure out what kind of butterflies these are. Below could be a Ascia or Great White Butterfly while the one above may be a Pontia daplidice, a Bath White. I’m not sure, it’s easy to confuse similar species.

This yellow butterfly was a nice surprise but, it was not easy to catch as it was constantly moving.
The bee, on the other hand, stubbornly wanted to join :))

In my next post I will show some of Cyprus December Plants.

Today’s weather:
Partly cloudy with a high of 20 °C / Wind variable 8 km/h
Zelemenos, Koili – Paphos District

18 thoughts on “Cyprus December Butterflies

  1. Det verkar stämma, en grönfläckig vitfjäril, Pontia daplidice, rödlistad i Sverige. Den vita är nog en kålfjäril som man har bekämpat i många länder och på Nya Zeeland helt utrotat, då den kan kaläta odlingar. Den gula kan vara en höfjäril av något slag. Den grönfläckiga har så vackra ögon, jag tror jag fastnar för bilderna på den i din fina samling.

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  2. Så vackra fjärilar det finns hos dej. Får lite sommar känsla när jag tittar på bilderna. Nu skall vi klä på oss och gå ut. Det är bara -4 men snön är kall.
    Kramar från oss

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  3. Sorry for my ‘late’ comment Anita, I almost missed this post as I didn’t get an email from WP. (I think there’s an issue somewhere because I view emails on my phone and laptop and sometimes they seem to disappear). Fabulous pictures though and I’m extremely jealous!

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    1. Oh.. you are so kind Mike. Thanks a lot for your comment and sorry about the problem with your email. I personally find new posts from those I follow via the Reader, but it is easy to miss some posts.

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