WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Awakening

This week, Jen asks us to show an image/s of awakening or some kind of renewal.
While enjoying the awakening of nature after winter……seeing a butterfly is an obvious proof of that spring is has arrived……and when you see these you know that even this summer, you can enjoy eating fresh figs……while a wild cat yawning, renewed with energy after a few hours sleep in Independence gardens.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge / Awakening

49 thoughts on “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Awakening

          1. There should be a follow button in the right hand side . Otherwise from reader you can search for inspiresn and you can get the feed from there as well along with follow button . Hope that helps

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  1. Fantastiska foton Anita! Den första med den rosa blomman – helt ljuvlig! Fjärilen är också vacker … och katten lyckades du fånga i precis rätt ögonblick – såå bra!

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  2. Det är nog bara du som kan ta sådana fantastiska bilder! Du är oslagbar där. Tror att det första fotot är det läckraste du tagit någonsin. WOOOOOW helt enkelt!

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  3. These are wonderful, Anita! I can’t believe Y’alls figs are already that far along!!! WOW! There is a huge, absolutely beautiful wild fig tree growing in the woods right around the corner from our house. No buds yet..but the leave are soooo healthy! I think she is going to do a crazy yield this summer. We go look at her like 5 year olds….waiting….waiting… and the squirrels and the raccoons. 🤗🤣 They usually win, but we get a few!!! And fun fact which You may already know…but a friend told me You can cut a small branch off a fig tree and stick it in the dirt. It will grow. We tried it and it worked! That was 2 years ago. Our branch is a very tiny, I mean tiny tree now, but it’s hanging in there!!! Thanks You for the joyful pics and Cheers!!! 🤗💖🐬☀️🌷

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  4. Väldigt bra bilder till temat. Fin närbild på den vackra fjärilen. Färska fikon som man plockar direkt från träden är så gott. Här är de även fina att se på mot den blå bakgrunden. Och en fantastisk bild på katten 🙂

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