Time for a break

I’m taking a break now, not sure for how long. Flying away from Malta tonight for two weeks.

It really feels like I have to get away from it all right now.
💕 Take care out there! 💕 “Sometime I just want to fly
away from here…
                                                                …as the bird fly before the winter.”

48 replies to “Time for a break

        1. That’s sounds great Mike! Have you been in Malta before?? I believe so. I read about this Marathon and understand there are three stages. Such an exciting challenge, I don’t run myself but walk a lot and now I’m going to take a swim in the sea. Still 27 degrees. Hope the weather are on your side when you are here, even November can be quite hot. You don’t run all three stages, do you? I’ll look for you!!! Welcome to Malta 😀

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          1. Yes, I’ve been to Malta before, but only really one night on the way to Gozo and on the way back. And, yes, I will run all 3 stages (you can choose to do just one) but, after doing 2 Half marathons last year in the space of 2 weeks, I thought this looked ‘doable’, Though I’m not really in shape yet (other than walking a lot as you may have seen). So it will indeed be a challenge. Proper training starts tomorrow. 🙂

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            1. Well, my first training session went well – 12km in just under 63 minutes. I’m pleased with that! 🙂 Let’s hope I can keep it going while we’re on holiday… (and in a strange, quirky sort of coincidence, we’re flying to Stockholm tomorrow, though we’re spending most of our time in Finland).

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    1. Thank you for your kind words Xenia! I had two very relaxing weeks in Spain and are now back in Malta. Feels like it’s time for new posts and to visit my valuable followers. 💕

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  1. Vilka fantastiska bilder med den för Malta så karakteristiska blåa himlen.
    Förstår att du behöver ett break efter det du skrev i en kommentar. Njut av semestern och gör ditt bästa att koppla av. Hoppas dock att du återkommer redan efter ditt break och berättar. Kram!

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    1. Tack snälla Beate!! Önskar jag kunde säga “hemma bäst” men det känns iallafall bra att vara hos Fanny igen. Vi har haft det jättebra i Spaninen och verkligen kunnat koppla av.


    1. Ett bra tillfälle att passa på att vila från bloggen och komma tillbaka med nya krafter. Har haft det jättebra under mina två veckor i Spanien. Tack Gerd!!


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