Lens-Artists Challenge – Favorite Photos of 2019

For the last Lens-Artists Photo Challenge of 2019, we will show some of our favorite photos that we have taken during the year that are close to end.Creative.
It’s always difficult to pick favorites but I like the way Patti divided her favorites into different categories, so I did the same, or almost the same.

Here’s the proof, a smile says it all and means a lot. A smile is the shortest distance between two people.

Artwork created by nature.
A favorite image does not always mean that it must be perfect from a photographic point of view.
Pictures can convey feelings, evoke memories or special moments.
The true reality.
This orangutan lives in Borneo’s rainforests and belongs to a species threatened with extinction.Our valuable nature.
We must take care of our nature and its inhabitants which all have an impact on the survival of the earth.
“Cherish the natural world because you’re part of it and depend on it”
-David Attenborough –Lens-Artists Challenge #76 – Favorite Photos of 2019

27 responses to “Lens-Artists Challenge – Favorite Photos of 2019”

  1. Tror inte att jag behöver titta på ett nyårsfyrverkeri om några timmar. Har precis fått ett fotofyrverkeri som heter duga. “Stunning photos” som Cee säger! Kunde inte ha sagt det bättre.
    Å orangutangen är fortfarande min favo, tillsammans med konstverket som du har redigerat så perfekt – blomman med fjärilen.

    Å med detta önskar jag dig och maken ett gott slut och ett 2020 som förhoppningsvis uppfyller en och annan dröm som jag vet åtminstone du har. Kram!

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  2. Underbara, fantastiska foton från året som just tagit slut! Bilder som gör mig glad, bilder som gör mig eftertänksam … helt enkel bilder i bästa Anita-stil.
    Gott Nytt År!

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