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  • Flowers of The Day

    When I look at above images, I realize that they would probably fit better in a theme called “Today’s insect”. So here I show some wildflowers that are found here in Malta, without any visible insect.Finally, Fanny, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a stunningly flourishing scenery. Susan’s Flower on Fridays  Cee’s Photo Challenge…

  • Spiny Caper – Wildflowers in Malta

    I have shown this flower before, its very common here in Malta and I like it a lot because it’s so special. The plant is actually a bush and each flower lasts only for one day and one night which means you can see a lot of flowers in different stages on the same plant.…

  • Flower on Fridays

    This flower has a red-colored visitor with eight legs. It’s almost invisible but you’ll see it if you look closely.This visitor isn’t at all invisible and may take up more space than the flower itself. But you cannot miss these flowers different shades of the vibrant and lovely purple color. Susan’s Flower on Fridays Cee’s…

  • Wild White Beauty

    This is one of all the wild flowers found here on the island right now. Soon the summer heat will come and most plants will dry out while the Mediterranean will be warmer and maybe, wishful thinking, our everyday life will return to being the way it once was, and we’re back to normal. Non-essential…

  • Flowers on Fridays

    “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do” – Rumi –“Remember to look up at the stars, not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.”  – Stephen Hawking – Susan’s Flower on Fridays

  • Friday’s flower

    I’m not very good at wild flowers and tried to find the name of this colorful one via Google “Search by image”. I got the suggestion Carpobrotus rossii, also known as Karkalla. Then I read that that’s a plant native to Australia which is quite far from Malta. Regardless of it’s name, it’s a real…

  • Flower on Fridays – Mimosa

    Wish you a lovely weekend from Sunny Malta! Susan’s Flower on Fridays Cee’s Photo Challenge Flower of The Day

  • Flower on Fridays

    Susan’s Flowers on Fridays Cee’s Photo Challenge Flower of the day

  • Flower of The Day

    Susan’s Flowers on Fridays Cee’s Photo Challenge Flower of the day

  • Orchids

    Susan’s Flowers on Fridays Cee’s Photo Challenge.  

  • Flower(s) of The Day

    Feeling Blue.Red for Love – Red for Fire. Snow WhiteYellow Solar heat. Pink – Passion. Wherever life plants you…Susan’s Flowers on Fridays Cee’s Photo Challenge.

  • Flower of The Day

    Yesterday I saw an almond tree that was already blooming, although it was mostly buds. It’s a lovely flower.It feels like spring though it’s still winter here on the island.“Almond blossom, sent to teach us That the Spring days soon will reach us” – Edwin Arnold – Susan’s Flowers on Fridays Cee’s Photo Challenge.


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